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Sending an Encrypted Email through EncryptTitan
Sending an Encrypted Email through EncryptTitan
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Sending an encrypted email is an easy process when setup EncryptTitan.

In order to send an encrypted email, type into the subject line /fm/

You will then fill out the remaining information as usual. Your specific subject will still go into the line, it will just go after the /fm/ like below:

Subject: /fm/ Encrypted Email Test

Once you click "Send," the email will be sent and Encrypted, and then you will receive a confirmation email that your secure message has been delivered.

Your recipient will also receive an email stating who sent them the email and how long they have to view the message before it is automatically deleted. A link will be at the bottom of the email to help direct them to create an account and view the email you sent.

After they create their account, they will be redirected to a web portal where they can view the email you sent and any future emails that you send through encryption.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing [email protected] or calling (800)560-2485.

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