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How Our Support Teams Work
How Our Support Teams Work
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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know which team I am assigned to?

You will receive an email by the end of the month that will introduce you to your team. Teams are based on your organization as a whole and not individual users.

Will you add more teams?

As we grow, we will add more teams to ensure we continue to provide an excellent and efficient customer experience.

What if I need more support handlers?

In the event that additional support is needed, we will bring in handlers from other teams to help mitigate problems or complete projects faster.

Does this mean it will take longer to get help?

No. In fact, the handlers that help you will be more efficient because they are assisting a smaller client load. We have developed custom software to ensure you do not wait on hold and are connected directly to a person on your team.

Will I ever switch teams?

If we feel the workload balance is off between teams, we may move people to ensure that our response time remains low. However, we don't expect that to happen. We have done a lot of work to make sure we have created a balanced system.

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